ENDOMOBIL on-site service, inspection and repair

As part of our on-site service, our technicians inspect your equipment on site. We have an “emergency package” which is coordinated specifically with your equipment, and we can carry out standard repairs straight away if necessary. If we do not have the replacement parts, we can provide them via express delivery, meaning that we can even carry out complex repairs at your premises. This will save you time and money!

Advantages for you

Our on-site service offers fantastic benefits for you as a customer.

On one hand, this saves a great deal of time and money, as you do not need to send your devices. Inspections and work processes are also undisturbed by this. In addition to this, our technicians can identify damage at an early stage and, if required, your devices can be inspected, analysed and explained directly on site.

You can ask our technicians questions about damage prevention at any time. After our on-site service, we provide you with an individual damage report for every device.

Faulty endoscope? Skopy will come and help you!

This is Skopy, our mascot. Skopy is worn by all our technicians on their work clothing. Skopy is friendly, helpful and always motivated.