A business needs financial success in order to be able to exist on the market. But financial success isn’t everything. Employees, the environment and resources must be kept in mind and harmonised with the success. A business can only be sustainable successful in the long term if all aspects are internalised and practiced by all employees – this is what we believe. Here, we present the values that we practice as ENDOMOBIL. Our motto, the cornerstone of our company culture.

Company guiding principle

As a team at ENDOMOBIL GmbH, we are aware of the responsibility that we have for our service to the patients as well as the users. This service can also affect our families and relatives, who may one day need endoscopy and rely on the fact that we have carried out our service correctly.

To fulfil our sense of responsibility, we consistently need to maintain a high level of quality. We are always careful to keep our costs as low as possible so that we can maintain appropriate prices, yet still achieve appropriate profits while keeping the quality at the highest level. We want to cooperate with our users and suppliers in a way which is beneficial for everyone involved.

We are also responsible to our staff. Every employee is unique and must be treated, understood and encouraged as an individual. The employees must be able to rely on having a safe place to work. This means keeping the workplaces clean, tidy and accident-proof. The remuneration must also be fair and appropriate. The employees should feel encouraged to make suggestions and state any grievances. In both the recruitment and the promotion processes, there must be equal opportunities for all candidates based only on qualification for the role.

We also feel an obligation to the community in which we live and work. We ensure that we keep an eye on public welfare by supporting charitable organisations and/or supporting individual social projects.

We see ourselves as obligated to keep the company property entrusted to us for our tasks in good condition and, by doing so, integrating environmental protection. We always ensure that we maintain a sustainable use of our resources in order to reduce the associated environmental pollution to the greatest extent possible. In this regard, we also make an active contribution to climate change mitigation. We are always open to new ideas.

Through our ongoing research and development, we constantly strive to ensure growing and long-term success for all stakeholders.