The company ENDOMOBIL GmbH was founded in 2000 in Henstedt-Ulzburg as a service company for the repair and maintenance of used endoscopes. Since 2014, the company is located in Großenaspe (Schleswig-Holstein). Until 2017, ENDOMOBIL was a family-run business - then an investment company in Frankfurt am Main took over the company.

In 2020 alone, over 5000 devices were repaired in our company-owned workshops. With over 50 employees in the service/engineering area, we serve around 800 customers throughout Europe. This makes us one of Europe's largest service providers in the field of endoscope repair as a regularly ISO-138485-certified master workshop.

All our services are subject to current standards. Each working stage is carried out following the strictest German and European directives and legislation. Extensive hygiene provisions and disinfection measures are just as important to us as our sophisticated safety and compatibility inspections – certified toxicology, biocompatibility and insulation tests – all before the first patient contact. This service certifies both the highest quality of our replacement parts supply as well as the unrestricted function of every single endoscope we have worked on which leaves our workshops as an assembled product.

We are doing great things with our service package, we're sure of it.

our passion

Our claim is to carry out every working state in accordance with the highest quality demands and the currently applicable standards. For us, the patient is the priority here. Even if we don’t have direct contact to them, we know that our relatives or those close to us may one day need endoscopy.

This is why we want to provide users with a functional working device so that they can carry out the examination successfully and without a hitch. To make this claim clear, we developed the ENDOMOBIL motto. This determines our actions and acts as our motivation.

Motivated staff

As a technical service provider, ENDOMOBIL’s specialist staff members are the heart of the business. Top-class, regular training courses and the highest level of motivation are crucial for keeping the quality level consistently high.

We currently employ over 50 workers. 40 percent of our staff members are female, both in our service areas and our technology areas. Finding professionals isn’t easy, because endoscopy technician is not a profession you can teach. This is why we take on people looking for a career change and train them ourselves.

Our own workshops

In 2014, the company ENDOMOBIL purchased company premises in Großenaspe. The building was new and built specifically according to our needs. It also offered additional space and room for expansion which also allowed ENDOMOBIL to continue to grow in the future.

Anti-static flooring, a modern workshop and an ideal air-conditioning system all create the perfect environment for our business.

Customers are welcome to make an appointment and visit, and we can show them the internal working processes, as well as our own workshops.

In this regard, our company has been mentioned and presented in many publications.

Fixed branch offices

Outside of our main operations in Großenaspe in Schleswig-Holstein, we also have other fixed branch offices in Germany and France. 95 percent of our customers are hospitals and clinics.

To allow us to support our customers more closely, we have our own medical product advisors active in Germany, France and Spain. Otherwise, we work with our customers directly, or with highly competent and reliable cooperation partners.

Energy-saving production

Our company building was designed to allow us to manufacture our products using as little energy as possible. Our offices and our in-house workshops are supplied with heat and energy from our own cogeneration plant. We have also transitioned our vehicle fleet so that we only use hybrid vehicles. We can charge the vehicles at any time using our own four charging pillars.

Resources and the environment

ENDOMOBIL is successful, but not at the cost of the environment. We don’t just invest in goods which we require directly for our work, we are also careful to have a positive influence in our environment accordingly, and to keep the unavoidable negative influences as low as possible. All the technical operating materials which we require are not just disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, we also document the chain of disposal so that this can be proven.