Dr. Michael Bartels will lead ENDOMOBIL GmbH in Großenaspe from September 18, 2023. His experience in the medical technology business segment will be very valuable, among other things, in focusing on innovations and quality as well as in realizing planned growth potentials in the next development stage of ENDOMOBIL.

Among other things, the focus on innovation and quality as well as the realization of planned growth potentials in the next development stage of ENDOMOBIL will be very valuable. Dr. Neukirchen continued: „On behalf of ALLISTRO, I would like to thank Thorsten Peters for his work over the past 6 years and for all he has done to make ENDOMOBIL a success.

With the handover of the management of ENDOMOBIL to Dr. Michael Bartels, Thorsten Peters retreats.

Welcoming our new CEO

„I warmly welcome Dr. Bartels to ENDOMOBIL. Due to his background, he has an excellent understanding of the processes in a medium-sized company. With Dr. Bartels, we have been able to gain a very experienced management personality for the Großenaspe site. I am sure that he will do an outstanding job at ENDOMOBIL,“ says Dr. Dirk Neukirchen from the owner ALLISTRO in Frankfurt am Main.