We are all responsible – for our fellow humans as well as our unique environment! All support moves things along, providing confidence and courage – but this also needs commitment! We at ENDOMOBIL want to do something! We like to pass our success forward, and are active even beyond the borders of our country – both as an official partner of the Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk as well as in other projects with financial donations from us as a business as well as from us as private individuals.

Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk – the engine of the future!

It's been a long time since life was a smooth ride for everyone. Background, social surroundings and level of education dictate whether you can be successful or fail. In certain circumstances, a lack of wellbeing and equality stand in the way. However, happy, self-confident children are the engine in every country! Supporting them, giving them good future prospects and ensuring their healthy development is more important than ever when you think about the growing levels of child poverty. This is why we are the official partner of the Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk.

Dolls with disabilities

In 2019, our managing director Thorsten Peters got in touch with Nicole from Nicoletta’s Handicap Dolls. Two years ago, alongside her job as a nanny for a child with physical and mental disabilities, she founded a small start-up company – there, she designs and produces cuddly dolls. But these are no ordinary dolls; her little heroes are lovingly created in the image of children – as authentic as possible and according to the wishes of the children’s families. The mini versions therefore have the same medical aids as the children. Nicole has dolls with gastric tubes, cannulas for breathing, orthoses and much more.
The faithful companions support the children in getting used to their disabilities and identifying with them:

Finally, they have a faithful friend who is just like them in every way, and the self-confidence of the child concerned increases automatically. Nicole’s dream is for no more children to be excluded. With her little heroes, she wants to show the world that everyone is perfect just the way they are, and that life with flaws is just as colourful and worthwhile. She also wants to take a stand and contribute to ensuring that the toy, which encourages and celebrates diversity, finally makes it onto toyshop shelves. The first doll for a girl with a tracheostoma is currently in production, in cooperation with ENDOMOBIL. The “birth” of a doll like this can sometimes take up to six months.

The girl without legs.

In 2014, an article by Beate Strobel in the Germany’s FOCUS magazine drew attention to Martyna – a small, Polish girl, born without legs, who had a unique dream: “I want to have legs like my mother's.” For financial reasons, as well as the treatment situation in her home country, it was not possible for the family to permanently set their daughter on her own two feet. Her situation really moved us – we wanted to help!

With determined dedication, we set up a fundraising scheme among our business partners, colleagues and friends. Thanks to the enthusiastic support from TV presenter Jörg Wontorra, the generous donation of 10,000 euro came about through the foundation of Mr Hans Kary (Ruhrzeitung).

At the end of this fundraising campaign, another article appeared in FOCUS about the great happiness of a little girl. In an orthopaedic clinic in Bavaria, we were able to hand over a cheque to the brave patient and her family, the costs of her first leg prosthetic and its replacement over the next years was covered.

A dream was fulfilled! Martyna can look forward to her future, standing tall beside her mother. An enchanting smile and tears of joy are the best kind of thanks, without a doubt!

Bee - happy!

If the bee disappears from the surface of the Earth, man would have no more than four years left to live – Albert Einstein already predicted this.

Bees are an important part of our ecosystem, but field margins and meadow strips have largely disappeared, high-yield species have hardly any pollen and nectar for the bees, gardens are filled with lawns which are kept short and easy to look after. This just leaves the bees with a vast, green wasteland. Robbed of their environment in more and more places, many bees would simply starve by winter without our help.

This is why ENDOMOBIL is taking a stand and has decided to rent bee colonies in cooperation with Bee-Rent.